our company history

Loral Shipping Agency was founded in March 2010 in Venice-Mestre, when captain Marco Chiozzotto decided to found his own company, after having worked for 20 years in the shipping trade.

In the beginning Loral Shipping Agency used to act just in Venice/Marghera port. In the following years Loral Shipping extended its business within the maritime trade, and opened two branch offices in Chioggia and Monfalcone in 2012. Furthermore the agency started to operate as well in all the major North Adriatic ports such as Ravenna, Porto Nogaro and Trieste, and then all over Italian ports.

Today Loral Shipping Agency can offer a complete service on trump, liner, passenger and tank vessels. The excellent network with local authorities and service providers allows us to offer a wide range of services to support the Agency activity (vessel freight, loading and unloading services, custom formalities, cargo inspections with daily reports)

All our departments are coordinated by a dynamic management. Captain Marco Chiozzotto has been quickly able to give to his agency a well-defined identity based on three fixed points: reliability, dynamism and attendance.

Loral Shipping Venice: our experience at your service!

our team

Chiozzotto Marco

Agency owner - Shipping agent

Leoni Giovanna

Administrative office

Mantovan David

Operative office

Visentini Andrea

Operative office

Tiozzo Nicola

Operative office

Chiozzotto Lorenzo

Operative office

Benetti Silvia


Morosini Michela